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The perfect introduction to Dermalogica, this special collection of our favorite and most popular products is a complete regimen for all skin types and a great way to start the perfect night. Also included in this package is a Serenity Home Fragrance wax melt burner and Spa Day scent to recreate the sense of the spa in your home.

TIP: While your mask is on, make yourself a hot drink or pour yourself a glass of Prosecco (which you prefer) and put your feet up whist enjoying the aroma of your Serenity Home fragrance.


  • PreCleanse 30ml
  • Special Cleansing Gel 15ml
  • Daily Microfoliant® 13g
  • Skin Smoothing Cream 15ml
  • 2 x sample of Skin hydrating mask
  • 1 x Dermalogica washable head band
  • 2 x Sponges
  • 1 x Ceramic wax melt burner
  • 1 x Pure Serenity wax melt bar
  • 5 x tea light candles

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