Positive Mind Body Oil

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Rose Geranium | Patchouli | Sweet Orange

Positive Mind Body Oil is a beautifully balanced oil for mind and body. This supercharged oil uses the restorative powers of Jojoba to nourish and protect the skin, whilst Argon (rich in antioxidants) leaves your skin soft and supple. As you rub onto your skin inhale the deep scent of Patchouli and Rose Geranium to balance emotions and relieve anxiety, while Sweet Orange lifts your mood and adds a touch of cheer.

Apply directly to the skin and massage in, perfect after a bath or shower. 

Key Ingredients
Jojoba, Argon, Patchouli, Rose Geranium, Sweet Orange

These environmentally sustainable bottles are fully recyclable and manufactured using 8-15% recycled content. We're not perfect, but always try our hardest to make environmentally friendly decisions. Please reuse where you can and recycle responsibly otherwise.