Clear Mind Body Scrub

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Peppermint | Tea Tree | Lemongrass

Cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your skin with our 100% naturally invigorating Body Scrub. Let the minty, exotic scent awaken your senses and the small granules of sugar in this natural scrub offer a gentle but effective level of exfoliation, to make your skin smooth, without being overly scratchy.

Refreshing Clear Mind natural body scrub (Peppermint, Rosemary and Lemongrass) will liven up your shower and clear your sinuses with a zingy smell and a fresh feeling on your skin after. The naturally antibacterial and anti fungal properties in this combination of essential oils makes it ideal for use as a foot scrub to soften the feet in a home spa pedicure.

The base of our scrubs is apricot oil, which absorbs quickly and lightly hydrates your skin, without leaving you or your bath oily and slippery. Our natural body scrubs also work perfectly alongside Bampton House body oils and balms if your skin needs an extra dose of hydration.

Massage onto dry or damp skin in a circular motion and rinse off. 

As with all Bampton House products, our Body Scrub is made from 100% natural ingredients and our packaging is recyclable.