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Lavender - Vetiver - Chamomile


Massage your bump and your baby with this gentle soothing balm. Awarded the Evening Standard  'Best Top Pick' award for stretch marks and dry skin during pregnancy, this baby bump cream will give your skin and your baby bump a real treat during pregnancy.

Baby massage is wonderful for bonding and a great way to encourage relaxation with your precious little bundle.

Ideal for eczema and allergy sufferers. Be sure to test a small area with a small amount of balm and leave for 48 hours before application over the whole body. 

Comes in a 15ml change bag size or 50ml.


The unique blend of essential oils in this balm will help you and your baby wind down as part of a relaxing bedtime routine. Lavender and Chamomile help switch off your minds, while Vetiver promotes a peaceful and grounded atmosphere to sleep soundly.

Shea Butter makes the gentle and effective base for our Balm. It's a natural source of vitamin A. E, F and K and is incredibly smooth, whilst not greasy on your skin.

How to use:
Rub onto your bump and baby's body daily, taking time to massage any particularly dry areas. For more intensive treatment, apply before bed and allow the balm to soak in overnight.


Our promise: 
As with all Bampton House products, our Bump and Baby Balm is made from 100% natural ingredients and our packaging is reusable or recyclable.